5 Fun Games to Play in our pool

Did you know? Our huge pool will beat the heat and please campers of all ages.

We feature a peaceful adults-only pool area and a cool pool bar for those over 21, plus a huge section where the kids can splash, jump and play Marco Polo from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (at night, the water is heated).  

For kids, and adults who are still a child at heart, here are our top 5 pool games:

  1. Dolphin Races

Gather 3-5 people at one end of the pool. Have one person be the mermaid; they’ll call the race. Countdown 3,2,1 and then the “dolphins” will take a gulp of air and see who can swim the longest underwater. Winner gets to be the mermaid!

  1. Marco Polo

A real summertime classic that’s fun to play with a large group. The person who is it closes their eyes and yells “MARCO!” while the rest scream “POLO!” and move around the pool to avoid being caught.

  1. Bouy Bop

Think boardwalk whack-a-mole….but in the pool! The person who is it grabs a noodle and tries to tag players when they pop up. Once a player is tagged, they are it. This game is perfect for small groups.

  1. Pirates Treasure

Grab a few sinkable items (diving sticks or rings, coins, and small toys) and toss them in the pool. Have participants grab a pair of goggles and race to find and pick up each object first. The person who collects the most objects wins!

  1. Sharks and Minnows

Is there anything better than a fierce competition of sharks and minnows? Probably not. You’ll need one shark and many minnows. The shark will stand in the middle of the pool with the minnows on one end. The shark will yell "fishy, fishy, cross my ocean," when the minnows hear this call they swim across the pool. As the shark tags each minnow, they’ll join #TeamShark. The last remaining Minnow is the winner.

Those are our top 5 favorite pool games. What are yours?

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