Make Your Trip to the Campground Better

Your trip to Massey’s Landing shouldn’t be something you have to suffer through in order to get to your vacation. It’s a part of the experience! Here are a few easy ways to make your trip to the campground fun and enjoyable so you don’t have to hit the pool bar as soon as you get here.

Make a Killer Playlist

Nothing helps a road trip fly by faster than a playlist packed with tunes that you love to belt out. Don’t just stick to your recent favorites or radio hits. Throw in some deep cuts and family road trip classics from your childhood. It’ll be the perfect blend of old and new to keep you entertained for hours.

Audio Books/Podcasts

Not a big music fan? No problem! Cue up an audio book or one of those trendy true crime podcasts to pass the time in the car. Libby is a great app that lets you download audio books using your library card. There are also lots of great camping podcasts to check out.


If you want to prevent your car companions from getting grumpy snacks are essential. You can keep it healthy with fresh fruit, nuts and bottles of water or indulge with classics like gummies, jerky, chips and soda.

Built in Breaks

Map out designated stops before you leave home that way everybody has time along the way to take a bathroom break, stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Breaks are key to a harmonious road trip.

Road Games

If things are getting a little tense in the car distract everyone with a fun road game. Introduce your kids to classics like The License Plate Game, twenty questions, I Spy and other road games.

Pack for Plan B

Have your road games and disco-filled playlists been shot down? Time for plan B. Pass out the iPads, put a movie on the in car DVD player or break out the books.

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We spent a week here with friends and had a wonderful time.

Armand Benincasa, Tillson, New York