How to Keep Sand Out of Your Campsite

When you stay at Massey’s Landing you can have a beach vacation and a camping getaway all at once thanks to our private beach.

There’s nothing better than kicking back in the sand with a cocktail from Paradise Grill in your hand, but all that fun on the beach can lead to an RV or cabin full of sand later if you’re not careful. Once sand gets inside you're well on your way to having very gritty sheets and that's no fun.

Here are a few easy tips to help keep the sand outside where it belongs.

Towel Off

This is a no brainer, but if you do a quick wipe down before you leave the beach life will be easier later. The more sand that stays on the beach the better.

Pick the Right Beach Bag

Choose a beach bag that is made of mesh or has large holes so that you don't carry sand back with you.

Rinse Off

Stop by one of our campground bathhouses and take a quick rinse before heading back to your site to relax. This will keep sand out of your digs and get rid of that sticky salt water residue.

Baby Powder

No time for a shower? No problem! Keep a container of baby powder outside your RV or accommodation and sprinkle it on the spots where your sandy when you get back from the beach. give the spot a little brush and the sand will fall right off. It's like magic!

Keep Shoes Outside

Even if you're sand-free everywhere else, your shoes will probably track sand inside so leave them at the door.

Lay a Towel Down

Kids don't always remember to take their shoes off and the chances of them letting you rub them down with baby powder are slim, so lay a towel just inside to catch the worst of it. When it gets full of sand it's easy to take it outside and shake it out.

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