How to Disinfect your RV

Keeping your space clean and tidy is more important than ever so we’ve put together a few tips to help you disinfect your RV. In addition, review these CDC guidelines for more information.

Wash Your Hands

Start of right with clean hands. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water or use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.

Glove Up and Go Disposable

Put on a pair of disposable gloves before you start cleaning. It will help keep your hands clean and protect them from chemicals. Your hands are probably already dry from all that washing so save them from additional abuse.

Using reusable cleaning rags is great for the environment, but during the pandemic it’s safer to use disposable paper products so grab a roll of paper towels before you start.

Get Cleaning

You learn new things everyday, cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing. Start by cleaning surfaces in your RV using soap and water. This will take care of dirt, impurities and some germs. Make sure you hit all your high touch surfaces, which go way beyond just counters. Hit light switches, door knobs, handles, tables, faucets and anything else you touch frequently.

Now, Disinfect

Grab an all-purpose cleaner, disinfecting wipe, bleach spray or other approved household cleaner and go over everything again. Don’t forget your gloves and make sure you have good ventilation. Also, brush up on what cleaners you shouldn’t mix.

Clean Your Soft Surfaces and do Your Laundry

Use approved cleaners on rugs, carpeted floors and drapes.

Wash your clothes, towels and linens in the warmest possible water and dry them thoroughly. If you’re using a laundry facility in one of our bathhouses don’t forget to wear gloves and a mask.

Don’t Forget Your Devices

Frequently touched electronics like your phone, laptop, tablet and TV remote need to be wiped down just like frequently touched surfaces. Wipe them down with disinfectant wipes or use all purpose cleaner and paper towels.

Wash Your Hands

Your RV is germ-free so now make sure you are. Give you hands a good wash with soap and water for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to avoid touching your face and use a mask and gloves when you’re out and about.

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