Goals to Make Your 2021 Camping Season Amazing

Have you ever gotten to the end of camping season and realized you only took one camping trip all year? We get it, life happens and if you don’t have a plan time flies by without you even realizing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of camping goals for 2021 that will help you make the most of camping season! Follow our plan and you’ll be one happy camper.

Try New Ways to Camp

If you’ve always camped in an RV give glamping a try in one of our cabins or safari tents. If you’ve always wondered what the RV life is about check out one of our rental RVs.

Camp in New Places

There’s always a new adventure waiting around the corner. Get outside your comfort zone and try camping in a new place this year. We have sister properties that stretch from Maine to North Carolina, give one of those a try.

Don’t Miss Halloween

When it comes to Halloween festivities Massey’s just gets better and better every year. If you haven’t experienced the thrills and chills of Monster’s Landing you’ve got to check it out in 2021. You’ll find everything from site decorating, to costume contests, trick-or-treating and spooky movies.

Explore More

No matter where you camp in 2021 don’t just stick to the campground. Check out the local area. See the sights, try the food and really experience to community that the campground calls home. If you decide to come back to Massey’s spend time exploring the Delaware Beaches. This handy guide is a great place to start.

Camp More

Remember how we were talking about getting to the end of camping season and realizing you’d only taken one trip? We’ve got the solution. In January 2021 sit down with your calendar and map out a plan of when and where you want to camp, whether it’s several long weekends or a week here or there as your schedule allows. You’ll never regret spending more time at the campground.

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