Gifts the Camper in Your Life Will Love

Picking out holiday gifts is never easy, but when it comes to find the right gift for the camper in your life it can get really complicated. Do you go with something practical or something fun? And there’s so much camping gear out there it’s hard to know where to even start.

Don’t stress, we’re here to help. Our 2020 gift guide is stocked with handy camping gadgets that any outdoor enthusiast will be happy to have!


Folding Ottoman

You can use this ottoman for storage, an extra place to sit or to prop your feet up while sitting on the couch. When you’re done with it you can fold it up and store it in your RV.

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Telescoping Ladder

Whether you need to clean leaves off your awning before you pull it in or you want to check the roof of your RV for leaks, having this telescoping ladder around will be handy. Plus, you can easily store it in your RV because of its small size.

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Glow in the Dark Rope

Never trip over tent rope in the middle of the night again with these glowing guide ropes. Your shins will thank you.

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Deluxe Cooler

A good cooler is key when you’re tent camping, unless you plan on living off beef jerky and Pop Tarts. This Igloo Cooler can hold ice for 4 days, has tires that are tough enough to handle tree roots and it comes with handy features like cupholder, attached bottle openers and a butler tray for serving snacks and drinks.

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Cabin Campers

Campfire Popcorn Popper

S’mores are the classic campfire snack, but why not munch on some popcorn while swapping ghost stories around the fire? Sure, you could do Jiffy Pop, but deluxe camping calls for deluxe popcorn.

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Fire Lighter

Getting a campfire going is easy with this butane igniter. Plus it has a long reach so it’s easier to use with a campfire than a traditional household lighter.

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Safari Tent Adventurers

Portable Espresso Maker

Raise your hand if you can’t go a single day without a latte. We’re right there with you. Pick up one of these portable espresso makers and you’ll never be without a double shot. Don’t forget to bring along this milk frother so you can enjoy a latte by the campfire.

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Camp Blanket

When you’re sitting by the campfire on a crisp fall evening you’ll want a blanket to wrap up in or sit on that is tough enough to handle the outdoors. This wool blanket is perfect and it has a cute pattern.

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