Drinks to Keep You Warm This Fall

One of the best parts of camping in the fall is gathering around the campfire in the evening with a warm drink in your hands. If that warm drink is a cocktail that's even better. 

Here are a few cozy drinks to try this fall. They can all easily be made over a campfire or in an RV kitchen. 

Mulled Cider

There's nothing better than a mug of spiced cider in the fall! One of the great things about this cider is that you can spike it or not. It's delicious either way.  

Hot Toddy

This drink isn't just great when you have a cold. It's also an excellent way to warm yourself from the inside out. Plus, all you really have to do is boil water. 


Hot Cocoa

Doing a little prep work at home makes it easy to enjoy a cup of cocoa by the campfire. Just make your mix at home and add to hot water or milk at your campsite! 

Mulled Wine

This cozy cocktail is in the same vein as mulled cider, but with a nice dry red wine as the base. It might seem old fashioned, but we prefer to think of it as a timeless classic. 

For the ultimate fall camping experience, don't forget to pack ingredients for one of these toasty beverages so you can gather around the campfire with a mug of something warm. Cheers! 

A Good Cup of Coffee

Sometimes classics are the best. Just because you're camping that doesn't mean you have to settle for sub par coffee. Learn how to make an amazing cup of joe with only a campfire. 


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