Tips for getting your indoorsy friend to camp at Massey's Landing

We all have that one friend, you know…the one who would rather stay inside instead of enjoying the great outdoors. The one who prefers a smartphone and TV to a campfire and tent. But, have no fear, these tips will coax your indoorsy friend out for a weekend in the wild:

Do All the Leg Work

We know it’s not fun to handle all the planning, but securing everything from the date to the menu for the trip will make all the difference to someone who is unfamiliar with camping.

It will put your indoorsy friend’s mind at ease knowing they will not have to Google “how to set up a campsite” or “what is spam?”

 Pitch it as a Summer Soiree

For your friends who have never been camping, they may picture it as biting bugs, muddy ground and hot dogs for every meal. Be sure to frame the trip as a party, everyone loves a party. Let them know there will be fun activities, delicious food and amazing views.

Pro-tip: Look for adventures on the campground as well as the surrounding areas. Instagram-worthy day trips to hike or a local brewery can often seal the deal for indoorsy friends!

Trying to tempt an indoorsy friend to join you at Massey’s Landing? Use these “party-esque” features:

  • A private beach  We have plenty of sunbathing space, sans the crowds, on the sands of our private Beach on Rehoboth Bay. 
  • A splash bar  that's right, our resort pool also has a swim-up bar.
  • Recreation  fishing, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, biking, we have it!
  • On-site dining – a delicious first night meal to start the adventure, anyone?

Tempt them with Tent Alternatives


Just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean you have to pitch a tent.

Massey's Landing offers safari tents, cottages and RV sites, so we have plenty of options for those who prefer the great indoors. 

Bonus: There's Wi-Fi

At Massey’s Landing, we know you can’t completely disconnect from the world. That’s why we offer free Wi-Fi access throughout the campground.


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From the Guestbook

We spent a week here with friends and had a wonderful time.

Armand Benincasa, Tillson, New York