Summer Camping Bucket List

If you only have time for one summer vacation this year, you'll definitely want to make the most of it with as many fun and relaxing activities as possible. 

Whether you prefer fun on the water or gazing up at the stars, a stay at Massey's Landing will tick every item off your summer camping bucket list. 


Making S'Mores

S'mores might be the absolute best part of camping. There's nothing better than a warm, ooey-gooey s'more full of toasted marshmallow and rich chocolate. 

Whether you choose a traditional s'more or a fun, innovative one with strawberries and Nutella, this delicious camp dessert is sure to bring out the child in you. 

We also hold regular s'mores socials, so check the calendar for more information! 

Creative S'Mores Ideas



Star Gazing

You never truly appreciate the night sky until you are out of a busy city and on vacation at a beautiful campground where you can actually see the stars shining above you. 

Imagine laying out with your family and friends, nature's music surrounding you and a blanket of stars above you. That is the ultimate end to a day at Massey's Landing. 

Constellations Everyone Can Find



Paddle Boarding

An afternoon on the water is the perfect cure to any amount of stress. You can rent a canoe or kayak if you prefer a more relaxing excursion... or try your hand at paddle boarding if you're up for a good workout. 

After all, camping isn't complete without a little boating and boarding!



Dinner at Paradise Landing Tiki Bar

There's something for everyone at Paradise Landing! End your perfect day with a delicious family dinner or a romantic evening with your significant other. 

The food is homemade and the view is absolutely stunning, so stop by anytime during the day and we'll be sure to hit the spot with whatever you may be craving. 


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From the Guestbook

We spent a week here with friends and had a wonderful time.

Armand Benincasa, Tillson, New York