Are These Traditions Part of Your Camping Trip?

A yearly trip to Massey’s Landing is a great tradition on its own, but adding traditions like a family meal or a game to your stay can make it even more special.

Here are a few ideas of traditions you can add to your camping trip that your entire crew will look forward to year after year.

Yappy Hour

Set up a playdate for your pup and happy hour for yourself all in one fell swoop. Set up a time to get together with fellow campers at the dog park so you can make new friends while your pups play.

Cook Out

Invite neighboring campers or your buddies over to your site for a cook out. This is a great way to make new friends or catch up with fellow campers you haven’t seen in a while. Make it a potluck so everyone feels involved.

Camp at the Same Time Every Year

Designate a specific time for a year trip to Massey’s Landing. Plan it around a holiday or line it up with your favorite campground event. This will make your camping trip even more special and makes it easier for people to coordinate.

Crab Feast

Summertime in Delaware means crabs. Whether you steam up your own or buy pre-cooked crabs from a local restaurant or seafood shop a crab feast is a fun way to gather.

 Family Tournament

Whether it’s cornhole, a fishing contest on our pier or paddle board races in the bay a little friendly competition is always fun. If you want to make it really special make a trophy and hand it down from winner to winner each year.   

A Day at the Delaware Beaches

Spend a day each summer walking the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, drinking beer at Dogfish Head, shopping the outlets or enjoying the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park.

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We spent a week here with friends and had a wonderful time.

Armand Benincasa, Tillson, New York